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    Basketball Wives Season 8, Episode 1 GIFS

    The ladies are back and it looks like we have another great season. I am happy they brought back the same cast, there has been too much turn around with these women. I do miss Meeka…and Susie! We will be doing weekly GIFS of our favourite moments More

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    The Death of RHOBH. Where do we go from here?

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills filmed their reunion today. Why they even bothered filming on is beyond me. RHOBH is a diamond that has lost its sparkle. This year’s trailer was an art of trickery and foolery to get us to watch this dumpster fire of a season. The past few seasons of RHOBH […] More

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    Happy with Survivor Winner, mostly for Eric’s sons.

    Wow. What a finale. I was so emotionally drained after those 3 hours I couldn’t really process what had taken place. The third person voted out just won 1 million dollars and I am very happy with it. Partly because I think Chris is one of the sexiest men to play Survivor but the story […] More

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    #PumpRules Reunion Pt. 2 Cast Ranking

    Something dawned on me last night. They say millennials were raised by the internet but we were also raised by reality TV. It started with Laquna Beach, then the Hills, then Jersey Shore and now Vanderpump Rules. This is our modern day FRIENDS, the humour, the laughs, the tears.. DON’T EVER LET THIS SHOW END. […] More

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    #PumpRules Reunion Cast Ranking

    Ruffles, not one but two Scheana montages & a screaming sweaty Jax Taylor. What a solid first part of the reunion. This season hasn’t been the strongest but it still some of the best television on air.  Here’s is our power rankings of the cast that has yet to disappoint!  #11 – Tom Sandoval Expecting […] More