Best Reveals In Drag Race Herstory

Last night Brook Lynn Heights brought one of the best reveals to be seen on the Drag Race stage. Life was given to gays internationally and it got me thinking what other queens have given life to gays across the world? Here are my ranking of the top 8 reveals in Drag Race Herstory.


#8 Detox - All Stars 2

A simple reveal but this lewk solidified Detox as one of the best fashion queens to every grace the stage.


#7 Phi Phi O'Hara - All Stars 2

Say what you want about Phi Phi but this is one of her best looks. He landed her in the top 2 and which inflated her ego enough to drag Alyssa Edwards…only for Alyssa to return and give her the chop. ICONIC TELEVISION.


#6 Peppermint - Season 9

This reveal was epic because everyone though Trinity was going to crush Peppermint under her dancing heels however this perfectly timed reveal edged Peppermint all the way to 2nd place. It was especially crazy because I personally thought Peppermint would be the second queen eliminated in season 9.


#5 Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 - All Stars 2

Lil Poundcake was epic because her inception was during a mini challenge. Can you remember any other iconic characters coming out a mini challenge? Thought so. THe fact that Alaska brilliantly covered the pink and brought Lil Poundcake to life proved that she was hungry to snatch the All Stars crown.


#4 Brooke Lynn Heights - Season 11

We see a lot of queens bomb challenges and get completely discouraged. Brooke Lynn knew she bombed Snatch Game and BROUGHT IT to the runway. Still confused how this didn’t save her from the bottom 2 but I have a conspiracy. I believe that Brooke Lynn intentionally bombed Snatch Game knowing the lip sync song was ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ which she knew she’d destroy. Brooke Lynn is a smart ass queen so I wouldn’t put is pass her.

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#3 Roxxxy Andrews - Season 5

This wig reveal no one saw coming. There were so many iconic moments, the lip sync song was Whip My Hair, Alyssa Edwards kept up with Roxxxy leading to a double shantay and Roxxxy’s emotional bus stop story. This also lead to a runway theme on All Stars Season 3.

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#2 Violet Chachki - Season 7

This was the moment Violet won season 7. Had Ginger Minj delivered stronger runways she might have beat out high fashion Chachki. This was the reveal worthy of Paris Fashion Week.


#1 Sasha Valour - Season 9

This is the best reveal to be on RuPaul Drag Race because it won Sasha the crown. Going into the finale the fanbase thought Trinity Taylor or Shea Coulee were our clear front-runners but this artsy underdog showed creativity and matched with emotion can snatch the crown.

Honorable Mention - Vivacious


Never forget Ornacia.


Written by Aneal Joshua

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