Happy with Survivor Winner, mostly for Eric’s sons.

Wow. What a finale. I was so emotionally drained after those 3 hours I couldn’t really process what had taken place. The third person voted out just won 1 million dollars and I am very happy with it. Partly because I think Chris is one of the sexiest men to play Survivor but the story of “never giving up” is really compelling..

When it comes to a game like Survivor, you have to look at the variables for the specific season not all 37 seasons. This year you could win your way back into the game and win, which is what Chris did. The only thing that hasn’t changed season to season is the concept of actually surviving the elements and pushing your mind, body & spirit to the limits. The survival component was elevated on the Edge of Extinction. All these hungry, defeated players laid around a wet beach in hopes of returning to game. From a human component super-fans Gavin & Julie got to live the survivor rotation of reward challenge, reward meal, immunity challenge, vote strategy session & tribal council. Chris literally laid on a beach every single day, soaking in his loss while withering away. There is no argument that playing Survivor like Gavin and Julie has to be mentally easier than starving & watching on the sidelines like Chris did. .

There is a spiritual, self awakening that happens to castaways on Survivor that has always been my favourite part to watch on the show. Hearing the castaways’ stories after losing the Edge of Extinction challenge had be in tears. Endless accounts of never giving up and pushing yourself to the limits was really inspiring. Specifically when Eric said he held on everyday just so he can show his sons to never give up, that had be on the floor. Now that Chris won, the story he gets to tell his sons has more power. “Look my sons, never give up, you never know what can happen. If you hold on, you could win your way back into the game, get given an idol & win a fire challenge, you can win a million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor”. That is a much better story that “hey boys, never give up, you can put yourself through hard living conditions, starvation, get back in the game and get voted out again and lose. So thinking about it, you probably should have just given up the first time you were voted out” Survivor has had so many inspiring moments and this has to be one of my favourites.

Also, let me mention this. They serve more hidden immunity idols than rice recently on Survivor and that is something the show needs to fix, especially with an over arching twist like the Edge of Extinction. Chris’s return into the game was “too late” many argued online however returnees on CBS partner shows like Big Brother return in the final 5 and never win. There were a lot of problems with the way Chris won, the idols, the 84 person jury and when he re-entered the game but the story of never giving up was really magical because held on, power played in the final 2 days and WON! Don’t hate the player, hate the game, specifically the twist.

Also, how f*cking hot is he!

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Written by Aneal Joshua

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