BELLA Sept Oct 2017 new
BELLA Sept Oct 2017 new

How Dorit Kemsley is Saving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back and I mean it’s really boring. Compared to Real Housewives of New York and Atlanta, this season of Bev. Hills is a total snooze fest. There is one entertaining element that is keeping the season a float and that is Dorit Kemsley. She is the modern day season 1 Camille Grammar. It’s time for her to come out of her husband’s balding shadow and shine. Remember when audiences thought season 1 Camille Grammar was the most vile housewife? Dorit is resonating with audiences in the same disgusted manner but why? Oh so what that she was 54 minutes late. Come on, Dorit called Teddi and apologized sincerely. I don’t even call or text when I’m running late, I just don’t show up and pretend it never happened. Can you imagine the accountability Ted Talk Teddi would put me through? LET DORIT LIVE. Here are three reasons why Dorit is saving the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

  1. Her Mouth

She reckless with that mouth and I love it. Who doesn’t love a drunk housewife who’s mouth goes off the rails. Isn’t this why we fell in love with Dorinda? Ok, maybe the C word could be seen a little classless at a power-less dinner party managed by the sweatiest event planner on the west coast. But you probably called the women who honked at you for texting and driving a C word too. So get over it, that dinner party would have been boring AF if we had to just watch the housewives sweat and listen to Teddi talk about her career or worst, her husband’s dancing career.

  1. Her Looks

The babe turns out a look, her outfits are everything. I mean Lisa Vanderpump is starting to look like an extra on The Crown and Lisa Rinna is still using looks from her 2011 Celebrity Apprentice wardrobe. And well Erika Jayne, it’s like a little too much. Sorry i mean it’s a LOT too much, I’m still so confused by the pink wig in Japan. One of the editors of Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine even said “her instagram is impeccable”. We simply watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to see glamour and remind ourselves how poor we are, and Dorit does a good job of doing that. From Hermes plates to a birthday Birkin Dorit is giving us everything Hoof Maloof use to give us. Dorit delivers from her glittering gold confessional look to her chopped hair, she’s on point every scene.

  1. Her Love

She’s a girls girl and she really does love her girlfriends. You know what she showed up to Lisa Vanderpump’s photoshoot and delivered. Who cares if she bitched about not having her own make-up team? High maintenance is a staple in housewife that delivers, imagine if Lisa did this is Ramona Singer? She would steal the jewellery after the shoot the way she did with Bethenny’s dresses. Not only did she deliver in her photoshoot, she was also there for Kyle. When Kyle started tearing up and used her napkin to wipe her tears away, Dorit was ALREADY crying with her even though she had no idea why Kyle was crying. That’s a girl girl my friend, she felt Kyle’s sadness and needed to share it with her. Crying together and allowing Kyle to be vulnerable, that’s a woman support another woman!

Imagine Dorit’s contract wasn’t renewed. We would have to deal with a spoiled horse girl who’s career is texting people to work out. Lisa Rinna and Dorit are the glue holding this shaky season together. We need to start giving her the respect she deserves. She is saving the Real Housewives of Beverly Hill, adding pure glamour to our Instagram feeds and speaking true wisdom because you know what you would not eat cereal with a fork.


Written by Aneal Joshua

Join Big Brother Canada cult-favourite, Aneal Joshua as he dissects the juiciest, most salacious stories weekly on THYRST. This newly engaged Husband To Be not only rocks a Masters in Leadership Development Degree but also sports some high-profile guest appearances on MTV Canada, ET Canada, and Fashion Television. With a love for pop culture , Aneal Joshua enjoys dissecting the juiciest, most salacious stories weekly on THYRST.

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