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#PumpRules Reunion Pt. 2 Cast Ranking

Something dawned on me last night. They say millennials were raised by the internet but we were also raised by reality TV. It started with Laquna Beach, then the Hills, then Jersey Shore and now Vanderpump Rules. This is our modern day FRIENDS, the humour, the laughs, the tears.. DON’T EVER LET THIS SHOW END.

I won’t be ranking them based on who they are as human beings. They will be ranked based on what they bring to the show, reunion part 2 specifically.

Billie Lee
Rank # 12

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Compared to the fashion and shaky confidence Raquel brought to the first part of the reunion Billie Lee fell flat. I think Billie is a great cast addition but I hope she does ayahuasca before filming the next season so she can embark on a path of self-discovery, she’s trying a little too hard for me. But kudos for her coming back at Lala with her “high end prosititute” comment, that shut Lala up.

Rank # 11⬇ 

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This Tom has been very quiet this reunion, probably because he’ll have a full segment next week talking about how he handles Katie’s rage texts and why he hates the sound her voice. Usually Tom does chime in with humour throughout the reunion but this year it seems he’s on a leash….Katie’s leash.

Scheana Marie
Rank # 10⬇ 

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No shining moment for Scheana Shay from Marina Del Ray but let this be known. (making fun of) Scheana is a staple of this show.

Rank # 9 ⬇ 

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Am I terrible for saying Stassi’s only likeable quality this past season was Beau? Stassi brought this Regina George vibe to the show and now she’s grown up, less messy and I just question what is her purpose on the show?

Ariana Venti
Rank # 8 ⬇ 

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It really dawned on me why Ariana doesn’t want children when she said she’s the Tom translator because Tom Sandoval is her child. Bless her for being the voice of reason of this zoo.

Rank # 7 ⬇ 

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Seeing Brittany snap makes me excited for the next season. I thought Brittany would be a relaxed bride but I think we saw a glimpse of the sheer terror she will bring to those around her. Brittany the Bridezella is a layer of Vanderpump Rules I’m excited to watch.

Jax Manbaby Taylor
Rank # 6 ⬇ 

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Jax holding Tom’s position as “Best Man” over his head so he doesn’t have an opinion is that most Jax thing Jax has ever done. The true tea is Jax is truly lucky to have a friend like Tom Sandoval.

Rank # 5

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I’m really stuck when it comes to Katie, I understand that James (and the fanbase) has been constantly taking shots at Katie’s body. I do think what she did was commendable however she needs to use this new found confidence to move on and not let James have so much power over her. This is the best she ever looked, I just wish she had a lighter energy and lovable personality.

Lala (50) Kent
Rank # 4

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When I say I was the biggest Lala Kent stan before this season started, I’m lying. Listen, I do love me some Lala but she seemed off all season. This cast constantly gets ripped apart on social media for being alcoholics and Lala evaluating her drinking was smart. I am not one to past judgement and I commend her on her choice to be sober. I am excited to see what her sobriety journey brings to the show next season

Kristen Doute
Rank # 3

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Kristen’s sheer desperation for attention and chirping into every segment is why she is TV gold. Even Andy had to chime in and be like “why are you constantly interupting?”. I also love that she saw 3/4 of the cast buying houses in the same neighbourhood and she bought a house too…to secure her spot next season. I admire her dedication.

James "The White Kanye" Kennedy
Rank: #2

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Said it once, I’ll say it again, I don’t agree with everything James has said or done but I am rooting for him even though he makes it so hard. There’s something the cast is not understanding. By ganging up on him, it makes James the underdog and I love an underdog. Let’s move the f*ck on.

Tom Sandoval
Rank: #1

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Tom Sandoval has secured his spot has my favourite Pump Rules cast member. It usually changes season to season but this man consistently shows you can be a kind human being and a raging lunatic. I love him for that. Him taking Andy out on the bike and it breaking down…twice, had be on the floor. I also think it’s really sweet that he’s trying to protect James from being ripped to shreds.

Favourite Reunion Moment

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#PumpRules Reunion Cast Ranking

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