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The Death of RHOBH. Where do we go from here?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills filmed their reunion today. Why they even bothered filming on is beyond me. RHOBH is a diamond that has lost its sparkle. This year’s trailer was an art of trickery and foolery to get us to watch this dumpster fire of a season.

The past few seasons of RHOBH have been absolutely terrible. We spent a season discussing a pair of panties and last season the “drama” was wine glasses and Dorit being late for lunch. I do think we need a full cast shake up like when Andy fired half of the New York ladies. Here is what I think next season cast should be.

  1. Lisa Rinna
  2. Dorit to continue her feud with…
  3. Camille Grammer
  4. Kyle Richards only if we get…
  5. Kim Richards
  6. Brandi Glansville
  7. Denise Richards
  8. New Housewife (someone rich, hot & delusional…and not white)

Here’s another crazy thought. Let’s get Cynthia Bailey to move to Beverly Hills with Mike Hill and join the cast. She has the poise, the glamour and she can hold her own. Imagine her and Denise stunting on bitches. UGH ONE CAN ONLY DREAM.

I believe Teddi, Erika and Carlton should be surprise special guests the way they brought Kim and Brandi in to save this season.

Here are my immediate some first thoughts on the RHOBH seating chart/reunion:

  • Why is the MVP of the season, Denise Richards sitting furthest away from Andy? Usually the women at the end of the couch brought the least story. In a typical season it would make sense since Denise didn’t fight with anyone but this isn’t a typical season and was the entertainment this season!
  • Where is Camille? I understand that she was a friend of the housewives but she really brought it this season. It really should be Camille and Dorit next to Andy so we can watch them square off.
  • What will they talk about? Who knows. With Lisa Vanderpump being absent, I am curious how they’re going to handle only storyline. Will Lucy Lucy Apple Juice be on set? She’s done the most work this season.


Written by Aneal Joshua

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