#RHOP – Can We Get a Witness? Cast Ranking in GIFS

Well it was a filler episode. A filler episode dedicated to past traumas and motherhood. While it wan’t a pregnant women threatening to drag a brat, it was still a great episode. The Real Housewives of Potomac have secured their spot in the franchise and as a season 1, episode 1 watcher, I AM SO HAPPY FOR THEM!

#7 – Katie Rost


#6 – Ashley Darby

Last Week's Rank: #4 
Ashley shared a lot with the audience emotionally but due to this tough confessional lewk. and she looks she is ranked last. Sorry not sorry.

#5 – Robyn Dixon

Last Week's Rank: #6
So I love Juan and Robyn's relationship because even though they are not together they faced challenges as a married couple which has been interesting to watch. I wondered if Juan wants Robyn to have another baby so she doesn't waste all her money flipping houses? It just seems odd to skip marriage and jump into a third child. 

#4 – Monique Samuels

Last Week's Rank:# 3 
I just wish as a gay man I could relate to the pregnancy and birth story lines but they just don't resonate with me. I mean Monique is a gem this season, I just can't wait for her to have her baby and come back TO DRAG BITCHES. 

# 3 – Candiace Dillard

Last Week's Rank: #1
Nothing makes me laugh more than Candiace wiping the corner of her eyes with a folded tissue. She's done it every episode and I love it. Candiace has been serving lewks also, her triple date dinner outfit & hair were FABULOUS. 

# 2 – Gizelle Bryant

Last Week's Rank: #7
Wow. It was nice to see this motherhood storyline. Usually we see mother's try to defend their mothering or feel the need to overcompensate for the cameras but Gizelle keeps it all the way real. She had no idea that one of her daughters would say she plays favourites...on camera. She took that motherhood jab and handled it flawlessly. Gizelle really is the baddest thing walking.

#1 – Karen Huger

Last Week's Rank: #2
MISS HUGER HUNNY! She's the one that gave it to me this episode. When she sat Monique & Candiace down to to give them advice, we really got to see the nurturing side of Karen. I also think Karen is the one who reels Candiace in off camera. I have a feeling she's like "Candiace you are going to look like an absolute terror, let me help you our".  I am here for the Karen/Candiace alliance! 

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