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RuPaul Drag Race All Stars 4 Cast Photo Ranking


I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I can’t stop thinking about RuPaul’s Drag Race. My fiancé doesn’t watch (and yes it’s put a strain on our relationship) and all my friends want me to stop annoying them while there at work with my endless theories and opinion on the new cast.

First off I have to say this is the weakest cast photo of all 4 All Stars seasons. Season 1 Neon Shootwas iconic, All Stars 2 Medieval Theme gave me chills and even All wStars 3 all gold moment was something to remember. I believe the fantasy and theme is suppose to be high fashion ice queen but it just looks like a 32 year old gay man’s Frozen theme birthday party gone wrong. if you watch the Meet the Queens, they had the queens (unsuccessfully) smash through a block of ice to get to a crown frozen in the middle, it was painful to watch. I wish they brought us Ice Queen from the Lion Witch and Wardrobe or Rihanna’s Tush fashion spread. Anyway since David won’t listen to me rank the lewks, I thought I’d take to my true childhood best friend the Interweb to share my thoughts.

Gia Gunn

10. Gia Gunn

Season 6

10th Place

Challenges Won: 0

This look is confusing to me. A blazer and a leotard and a fur boa, like what is the fantasy here? I wish she would have lost that blazer and used that fur to make a giant circle purse and serve us the fresh tilapia we deserve

Farrah Moan

9. Farrah Moan

Season: 9

Place: 8th

Challenges Won: 0

Exactly what I expected from Farrah Moan. Don’t get me wrong I love Farrah Moan and she undoubtedly has the best make-up game of the cast, I just wish she brought it and showed us she’s can compete with this BEAST of a cast.

8. Valentina

Season 9

7th Place

Miss Congeniality

Challenges Won: 1

I’m probably going to get slapped around on the internet by some Latin twinks in Brazil for ranking her so low but this is boring AF. Listen, she looks stunning but as the clear front runner of All Stars 4 she could have brought us SO MUCH MORE. I could make this garment with a hot glue gun and a grade 3 art supply closet.

Monet X Change

7. Monet X Change

Season 10

6th Place

Challenges Won: 0

Despite watching every drag race episode 14 times I am not expert but doesn’t Monet’s padding seem a little off? Being picked apart on her season for not serving enough glamour this is a step in the right direction. Love the shoulder, wing thing and the fact she’s not wearing a pussy cat wig. I am excited to see what else she’s going to pull out.

Jasmine Masters6. Jasmine Masters

Season 7

12th Place

Challenges Won: 0

This kind of shocked me to be honest, this is the best Jasmine Masters has looked in my opinion. I am so excited to see Masters compete and more excited to hear what she has to say.


5. Manila Luzon

Season 3/All Stars 1

2nd place/8th place

Challenges Won: 3

If you watch the ‘Meet the Queens’ video you will see that this look has a matching paint palette clutch. It’s weird that it’s not in her official cast photo because it pulls the look together and would have resulted in a higher ranking. Paint brushes in her hair, the paint dripping from her neck this is the high level creativity we expect and deserve for Manilla, just wish we got it all in the official photo.

Naomi Smalls

4. Naomi Smalls

Season 8

3rd Place

Challenges Won: 1

Listen, I am biased Naomi Smalls is one of the my favourite queens. Simple look but showing off her beautiful new filler filled face and legs, I am living.

3. Monique Heart

Season 10

8th Place

Challenges Won: 0

SHE. DID. THAT. This look shows Monique Heart’s creativity and personality. Still playing into the (failed) ice queen fantasy but putting her own twist on it. When it was rumoured Monqiue was in the All Stars 4 cast I thought for sure she’d be the first boot but this look has me thinking otherwise.

Trinity Taylor

2.Trinity Taylor

Season 9

4th Place

Challenges Won: 3

This is a glow up. Hear me when I say Trinity Taylor is the dark horse of All Stars 4. Just like in her season when everyone thought she would be one of the first boot she surprised us all. This soft new make up look, this hair and the silhouette of this dress is EVERYTHING. Trinity is one of the first queens I ever saw perform at Pulse nightclub so she has a special place in my heart.


BEST DRESSED # 1 – Latrice Royal

Season 4/All Stars 1

4th Place/7th place

Miss Congeniality

Challenges Won: 2

Latrice is not playing around with the children. Glamorous silhouette hugging all those curves makes me ready to EAT IT. It’s also so interesting that there’s a huge wave of young drag race fans who have no idea who Latrice Royale is. She is iconic and bringing her back is the best Christmas present RuPaul has ever given the fan base.


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