Why Jujubee Should Win All Stars 5

Let is be known, I live and die for Shea Coulee. I think she has not only solidified her place in RuPaul’s Drag Race but also has earned respect with her advocacy and strength around the world. I wish we would have a tie this year but I can’t fix production’s mistake last year to put a bandaid fix on racial inequality on their show so I’m going to ride and die for Juju. This season 2 legend has made us laugh a sensible 74 times each episode and she’s made it through her whole drag career not knowing how to sew, LEGEND. Jujubee is also the first All Stars 5 queen to win a challenge and be safe the next episode, breaking the “curse” of winning and then placing in the bottom the next week. With Shea being the ultimate front-running and the predicted winner, I would prefer the crowning of the powerhouse, underdog Jujubee and here’s why:

Third Time's A Charm

Jujubee has made it to the Final 3 each time she has competed. She is also the only returning double All Star (Bebe, Manila, Latrice, & Alexis) to make it to the final round. Sure Bebe made it to the finale but she didn’t make it to the final lip sync. This is not easy to do, GIVE HER HER CROWN.

Old School VS New School


This season has been a story of Old School Vs. New School. If you crunch the numbers, new school completely annihilated the old school queens (mostly because 3 old school queens basically gave up but whatever). The benefit of being a new school queen is that you were showcased to a wider audience, which means more followers, which means a higher booking fee, which means a stable income as a performer. Shea has now been exposed to the mainstream VH1 audience twice now. This is Jujubee’s first debut to a broader audience. A win for Jujubee means getting more for her booking fees. Facts are Shea Coulee is probably getting paid more than Jujubee, which is a mindfuck because without Jujubee there might not have been an opportunity for Shea Coulee to be on our TV screens. Jujubee defeating two of her new school queen competitors shows that not only did old school queens pave the way, they can also keep up and that, I would love to see.

Final 4 Runway


While Shea might have been stunting on the other queens in the lewks department, she really dropped the ball in the final 4 Freak runway. She wore a garment that she wore to shoot Iggy Azelea’s music video and threw a fur coat over it. This makes her look extremely basic when placed next to Jujubee’s outstanding freak show runway. When Jujubee and Shea are NECK in NECK in the competition, showcasing a repeat look on the runway in the final four is lazy.

The Money Honey



With the lip sync assian twist in play, queens can earn some major coin even if they lose the crown. Miz Cracker will be walking away with 40K and Shea Coulee will be cashing in 30K. Unfortunately, if she doesn’t win Jujubee will be walking away with zero doll hairs. Basically what I am trying to say is regardless of win or lose Shea & Miz Cracker walk away with money rewarding the work they put in this season. Jujubee deserves the ultimate check of 100K because she paved the way for Shea & Cracker and then kept up with them in an All Stars season. 




This is ultimately one of the strongest top 3 we’ve seen on RuPaul’s Drag Race and that is because each queen is uniquely so talented. Shea and Miz Cracker are formidable competitors but Jujubee is my winner pick. So let’s pretend RuPaul actually knows how to use social media and is peeking at the numbers before he picks his winner, we need to pull up and show out for Jujubee. I mean let’s get her retweet numbers up and let’s show the world that an old school drag legend is our rightful winner of All Stars 5. ALL HAIL QUEEN JUJUBEE.