• Masterchef Canada Winner: Exclusive Interview with Jennifer Crawford

    Being born and raised in Nova Scotia, Masterchef Canada winner Jennifer Crawford studied cooking the old fashion way. With no YouTube tutorials or Pininterest recipes, Crawford learned cooking by flipping pages of a cook book. Jennifer snatched the title of Masterchef Canada winner and is now a Toronto resident sharing their cooking with the world. […] More

  • The Amazing Race Canada Season 7 Cast Assessment

    We live in a very special time in Canada. MasterChef, Big Brother Canada and the Amazing Race Canada providing us with grade-A reality TV shows. The Amazing Race Canada is especially special because we get to explore and see our beautiful country on the screen. Shows like this make me proud to be Canadian and […] More

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    Bachelor Canada’s Mikheala joins the convo!

    Bachelor Canada’s winner Mikheala Wightman joins the conversation to weigh in on: Bella & The Weekend back together Khole calls Kourtney the “R” word Taylor Swift bakes Selena a birthday cake Halsey & G-Eazy split Supergirl gets a Trans Superhero Do you even facetune?Bachelor Canada’s winner Mikaela Wightman is our third chair! More

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    Masterchef Canada: Corner Gas Tag Team

    We are breaking down the tag team challenge, our favourite diner foods and we find out who is leading in our THYRST Masterchef Pool. Also Corner Gas crashes the Masterchef Canada kitchen to promote their new show Corner Gas: Animated More

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    THYRST: Paq Music

    DJ Phil Paq stops by to talk his passion for music, life after his Big Brother Canada win and how he became a man who gives zero f*cks. More