Wow this another week where I am GUTTED by the elimination. I thought Aarthy & Thinesh and Dave & Irina were going us an epic face off in the finale. Love them or hate them Dave & Irina were a powerhouse of a team and I personally liked their confidence/cocky attitude. I can’t imagine the finale without them but I am hoping to see them on an All Star season. They weigh in on if they’d be up for All Stars and much more. Here is my interview with Dave & Irina.

Our favourite part of the Amazing Race Canada is seeing our beautiful country on screen. Was there a moment in the race where you were like wow I am proud to be Canadian?

Geographically, definitely British Columbia. We have traveled the world, but seeing British Columbia was a highlight on the race.

Would you have one-wayed another team given the opportunity, who?

We were always in the front and were really confident in our ability so we wouldn’t have to Uturn. Whatever happen in the finale doesn’t matter, we won the most legs.

All previous eliminated teams said Dave & Irina.

How did you guys prepare for the race?

Dave: I watched a couple of seasons when I was younger but Irina never watched. We watched a but on YouTube. Irina didn’t want to do the race. I agreed to do the heavy lifting. I was also so happy to have the express pass for the cold water in the Northwest Territories, I’m happy I didn’t have to see her cry.

What team have surprised you the most seeing them run the race?

Jeff & Dave, we still keep in touch. I was sad we didn’t get to race with them. They’re the only team who could handle our trash talk. We didn’t see other teams race cause we were always in the front. It was interesting seeing teams struggle on easy challenges. But I don’t like to talk about other teams it’s Dave & Irina’s seasons.

All previous eliminated teams said Aarthy & Thinesh surprised them the most so far.

Luck or Exhaustion. Which factor effected you the most?

Luck, I would say the wrong choice of detour. Like I said I’ll never eat apples again.

Where does your confidence come from?

Irina: Dave is a professional fighter and he’s a champion in a brutal sport. He brought his confidence from his sport to this race.

Dave: To be humble, everything we touch turns to gold. *laughs*

How has being on the Race effected your relationship?

Irina: Our life is the Amazing Race, we travel a lot, we’re in airports a lot.  This was a vacation for Dave. We never spent a night apart so Dave wouldn’t race with anyone else. It was nice usually I am cheering for Dave but this time I was able to get in the ring.

Dave: We created lasting memories and yeah like Irina said it was nice to have her in the ring.

Who are you rooting for?

Whoever needs the money, maybe the sisters? All the teams left have the same skill set and they’re all great people but you know like I said I don’t like to talk about other teams, this season isn’t about who’s winning it’s about how Dave & Irina lost.

Would you two be open to doing Amazing Race Canada: All Stars?

Dave: I would do it, it was a nice time to disconnect. It’s up to Irina, it would probably take a lot of shopping trips.

Irina: Oh I don’t know, we already did it! Why would we do it again? It was fun but watching it back I get that feeling in my stomach of the stress. I don’t know, who knows


Written by Aneal Joshua

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