Here is my interview with Aarthy and Thinesh

Our favourite part of the Amazing Race Canada is seeing our beautiful country on screen. Was there a moment in the race where you were like wow I am proud to be Canadian?

There were so many moments. Probably taking the private plane, it’s such a beautiful country. And the people we met along the way, they were so nice and helpful.

Would you have one-wayed another team given the opportunity, who?

We would have definitely used it on Dave & Irina.

All previous eliminated teams said Dave & Irina.

How did you guys prepare for the race?

There’s nothing you can really do, you never know whats coming on the race. There’s always new challenges, new experiences. We semi kept in shape but were prepared to go with the flow.

What team have surprised you the most seeing them run the race?

Hm I don’t really know how to answer that. Everyone has their strengths, there’s no recipe for a winner.

All previous eliminated teams said Aarthy & Thinesh surprised them the most so far.

In terms of road blocks individually what type of road block you wish kind of fell into this leg that would’ve helped propel you guys forward.

Literally anything mental. Thinesh is really strong in mental challenges and if there was more of that we might have been able to catch up.

Gotcha, that makes sense. Who are you routing for? What teams do kinda hope make it to the end?

James and Anthony & Sam and Sarah are our picks. We really want the winners to be positive role models.

Lastly, how was it like watching it back with your family? Have you had a positive response from the brown community

It’s really been amazing. Our family was really supportive and they were so happy to watch. The Tamil community as well has been awesome. Someone was saying the next couple that looks like us has big shoes to fill


Written by Aneal Joshua

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