I’ve been really enjoying this season of the Amazing Race Canada. I am LIVING for Dave and Irina. They make me laugh, they’re somehow really good at the race but also the villains. I also know I am alone is saying I would be happy if they won. Trish and Amy were my pick to win after living to see another leg after two non-elimination legs. It would have been really awesome to see them take it all.

Here is my interview with Trish & Amy.

Our favourite part of the Amazing Race Canada is seeing our beautiful country on screen. Was there a moment in the race where you were like wow I am proud to be Canadian?

I think the first happened for me was at the top of the mountain of Mount Mackenzie. It’s so beautiful, all of a sudden you’re at the top of that Mountain and you’re just like, Oh my god, I can’t believe this even exist and I’ve never seen anything like that it was incredible.

Would you have one-wayed another team given the opportunity, who?

Lauren and Joanne. (laughs) It depends where you are in the race whether decides if you utilize it or not. I mean, if it helps you then you would utilize it so I would use it against someone that was behind me and if we’re near the bottom the one way would give us an added way to stay alive but if we’re the front (of the race) I don’t think we would use it.

All previous eliminated teams said Dave & Irina.

Which effected you the more on the race? Luck or Exhaustion

LUCK! We were built for this type of race especially endurance. We wouldn’t have a problem running or lasting like the battery would have been charged for a very long time. It was the luck that kept getting us, like getting turned around or we could find a cab. We just felt like, you know, we just hiccup along or we would pick the wrong task it ended up really being the timing suck or something like that. We just, we thought we have an easier time in terms of luck.

Is there a detour you wish you chose the other task?

The corn maze for sure. Or the planting of the trees. We knew exactly where the tree planting challenge was cause we drove by it more or less a by the street. So we didn’t have to go searching where the kayak was because we had no clue where that was.

What team have surprised you the most seeing them run the race?

Aarthy & Thinesh. Yeah, they surprised us. I think we didn’t know because they ended up near to the end on the first leg and we thought, okay, this, this is going to be easy but now we see they’re very strong team.

All previous eliminated teams said Aarthy & Thinesh surprised them the most so far.

In terms of road blocks individually what type of road block you wish kind of fell into this leg that would’ve helped propel you guys forward.

I wish they would’ve been at some sort of in endurance road block something physical whether it been like a little running. We’re athletes would have been great and it was all in the brain (this leg)

So I loved the marker I love that you didn’t let go to marker. So fun to watch and I love that intensity in the race. Do you think surviving elimination twice made you run this leg a little grittier?

Well, I think the other teams about really threatened that we’ve got a second non-elim because there were no more non-elims left, so I think the competition really a shot up from that point.

Gotcha, that makes sense. Who are you routing for? What teams do kinda hope make it to the end?

We definitely hope that James and Anthony will be in the final.

Trish, what’s one piece of advice you would tell people in terms of weight loss was one thing, you could tell them.

One thing I would tell them is to just get moving they pick one thing either be nutrition or moving just focus and just do it. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Keep it small. Keep it realistic. Just do it just take that first step. Whether it’s taking the first step to change your eating, taking the first step to get moving, just do it! It just start thats my biggest tip!

Amy, I see that you have 7 kids. That has to be hectic, what is one tip you have to manage stress?

Focus on what’s in front of you! Don’t worry about the outcome, don’t worry about what other people are thinking. Remember whatever happens happens but there’s no failure just stay focused on the task in front of you.


Written by Aneal Joshua

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