AMAZING RACE CANADA EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Gilles & Sean

Well this season of the Amazing Race Canada is really throwing my for a loop! The first two teams eliminated I thought for sure going to the final 4. I thought Sean and Gilles were going to be the dark horse of the competition after there third place finish last episode. I was sad to see the first grandson/grandfather team get eliminated due to the One Way twist.

While the twist ousted one of my favourite teams, I do like the anonymous One Way because it adds a layer of drama and mistrust between the teams. Anyway, I am currently rooting for David & Irina, Aarthy & Thinesh, Trish & Amy and of course the gays Anthony and James.

Here is our exclusive interview with Gilles & Sean.

Was there a moment when you were racing around where you’re able to take in a moment and be like I’m just proud to be Canadian.

Sean: I think there were a lot of those moments. The race is so fast paced you really need to stop and think about it. I would say in British Columbia at the airport. We really got to sit there and take in the Rocky Mountains. I was trying to make strategy with the other teams while my grandpa was taking in the view. I think that even for everyone we could just stop look at the mountains and really evaluating things, you know you’re really here on The Amazing Race Canada.

So when you say strategize at the airport was there this consensus of “we’re all gonna work together and not do like uturns or one ways”. Is that what you mean by strategizing?

Sean: No, no the strategy, I think it was more just getting you know, everybody and understand who they were.

We saw you fall victim to the One Way twist. If you had got to the board first would you have used the One Way? If yes, what team would you have used it on?

Sean: Um, it depends if we were first in the day we would use it probably. We would have used it on David and Irina. Honestly if we got there later we wouldn’t have use it probably because I think everyone was really on the same page. I thought that they’re gonna use it fairly. I was wrong but, uh, yeah, we all have the same idea and then I changed.

What team kind of surprised you?

Gilles: Jet and Dave for sure.

Sean: Aarthy And Thinesh also because they were at the back of the pack in the first leg and then came in second during the second leg.

What is a one piece of advice that you would give to future racers?

Sean: To lie about your identity and tell people your weaknesses are your strengths. I would say I was a great dancer.

Was there a challenge that you were like, wow, this is gonna be a lot tougher than it looked?

Gilles: Uh, for me that would be the zip-lining. I thought I get two or three tries to get it done and it didn’t turn out that way.

What’s one thing you learned about each other that you didn’t know or something the race brought out?

Sean: Hmm not a lot, we’ve known each other our whole lives. So it really wasn’t something that shocked us it just strengthened our bond. Reinforced what we already knew.

Gilles: For me I would say how gracious Sean is. Every through losing, he was very gracious.

Is there a certain team that you’re rooting for? I know that you guys probably are privy to kind of what happens but at this point in the race you’ve been eliminated is there a team that you’re like “I wanna see them take it.

Sean: We really can’t pick a team because we wish luck to every single team still in there and there’s so much involved in this race. Maybe Aarthy And Thinesh.

What element of the race really kind of blindsided you? Was it the exhaustion of the travel? The details in the clues?

Sean: The luck. There is a lot of luck involved, for example sitting in the back of the plane wasn’t lucky. You could be the best player ever but it doesn’t matter if you are having bad luck, you’re going to have a bad day.

What there an international destination you hoped to race too?

Sean: Europe. Holland, Germany area.

What there a Canadian destination you hoped to race too?

Gilles: TorngatMountains

Uh..where is that?

Gilles: There in northern Labrador. Very few people ever go there.


Written by Aneal Joshua

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