The Amazing Race Canada Season 7 Cast Assessment

We live in a very special time in Canada. MasterChef, Big Brother Canada and the Amazing Race Canada providing us with grade-A reality TV shows.

The Amazing Race Canada is especially special because we get to explore and see our beautiful country on the screen. Shows like this make me proud to be Canadian and be from the best country in the world.

10 diverse and dynamic teams are gearing up to take on the Race! Here is my cast assessment and breakdown of the cast. I love watching the pre-race videos and then watching how the race effects the contestants and their relationships.

Aarthy And Thinesh


COME ON SRI LANKAN SPICE! These two are very articulate and level headed. I am on the fence with how they will do on the race. I can see them being an early boot or going the finale. I don’t think we’ll get messy couple fights from these two but I am curious to see how they will tackle tasks on the race.

Anthony And James


I have to say this. On reality TV growing up it was always pretty white boys or very flamboyant white boys that played into gay stereotypes. It is such a huge breath of fresh air to see these Indigenous gay married couple take on the race. I think they’re going to be a grand old time to watch this year.

Lauren And Joanne


Theres always a social media “gimmick” team cast every year, whether it be YouTubers or Instagram influencers, or Vine stars like these two. Gimmick teams don’t really do well on the Race but they bring a level of entertainment. I am excited to watch them for the couple of episodes they survive.

Trish And Amy


COME ON REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ETOBICOKE! These two remind me of the Bowling Moms from The Amazing Race US except they’re fit and have the grit and determination to take the win.

Sarah And Sam


I am getting bootleg Korey and Ivana vibes from these two…however I think these two might be able to take the win. There’s an extra edge people training for the Olympics have, they are able to combine mind, body and spirit to meet their goal. I have a feeling this is the team that is going to knock out some early favourites.

Nicki And Aisha


These two are my pick to win. I have never gotten a pick right but I am hoping that these two women bring their athleticism and brown sugar to bring home the prize! I also see these two being savage, U-Turning, stealing cabs & giving wrong directions to throw teams off.

Gilles And Sean


These two are gems, such a powerful story that just warms my heart. I am very excited to watch these two race and I hope to see them do well. A lot of my pre-season favourites don’t deliver but I am crossing my fingers for these two. These two can really prosper in this race if they pick the right detours and focus on building relationships with the other teams.

Dave And Irina


A journalist who wrote about a fighter who fell in love in Thailand, how f*cking cute! Married couples are really exciting to watch on the race because it’s either can be an absolute sh*t-show or really endearing to watch…I am guessing these two are going to be a sh*t show and give us some great couple quarrels.

Meaghan And Marie


Proud Queer twin sisters from Halifax! This team is going to bring some fun laughs and bring their vibrant east coast personalities to the race. One twin broke a neck, they lost their mother at 14 and have started a business together so they’ve been through some sh*t which I think will help them tackle any element the race has to offer. I also love watching twins on reality TV because I love to see who is who. I can see myself screaming at the TV “that’s Marie…not wait thats broken neck twin, wait broken neck twin is Marie right? WHICH TWIN IS THIS?!”

Jet And Dave


These two are just Amazing Race gold…from tears to laugh I am very excited to see these two tackle the race again. They made it all the way to the final 4. I do think the pressure might f*ck with their heads but you never know. Experience is a cheat code on a Race like this so hopefully they use it to pull out a win.

We will be ranking the teams weekly! You can watch The Amazing Race Canada July 2, 2019 on CTV

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Written by Aneal Joshua

Join Big Brother Canada cult-favourite, Aneal Joshua as he dissects the juiciest, most salacious stories weekly on THYRST. This newly engaged Husband To Be not only rocks a Masters in Leadership Development Degree but also sports some high-profile guest appearances on MTV Canada, ET Canada, and Fashion Television. With a love for pop culture , Aneal Joshua enjoys dissecting the juiciest, most salacious stories weekly on THYRST.

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