The Drag Race Pride Campaign

This campaign fuses two things I am passionate about drag queens and advocacy for the LGBTQA+ community.

Every year Pride has become more about the parties and less about the education and fighting for equality. This campaign was beautifully shot by Marco Ovando. Each one of the queens represented a flag from the original Pride flag. Each queen also spoke to their experience in the LGBTQA+ community.


Milk is wearing violet representing spirit in the original Pride flag.Uplift, inspire, support, celebrate. Use our voices for the voiceless.
“I am as queer as they come and purple being spirit, it’s just such a rich color for me, in being myself. In letting my purple spirit shine.” – Milk


Peppermint is wearing indigo representing serenity in the original pride flag. Indigo originates from India, which has a long, rich culture stemming from the contributions of the trans and gender non-conforming community.
“Queer people have always existed in every space, but we’re in control of those spaces that we are occupying now.”


Sasha is wearing turquoise representing magic/art in the original Pride flag. Creativity, performance, illusions, masterpieces. It’s all a part of our magic.
“Art, like drag, [is] the power to transform yourself or to create a version of the world that’s beyond what you can see or maybe what you have seen before, is so powerful.” – Sasha Valour


April is wearing green representing nature in the original Pride flag. We exist naturally in this world and strive to blossom into our best.
“I felt the need to start doing drag because it was just empowerment. I needed to be a voice for these feelings, this pride, being queer, being Latin, and being saucy.”


Juju is wearing yellow representing sunlight in the original Pride flag. Let yourself shine! We should not have to hide in the shadows.
“When I felt like I was living my truth? I think it’s every time that I’m sitting at a window seat on an airplane… it’s like I’m going somewhere to do something that I love and here’s the world just passing by.” – JuJuBee


Tatianna is wearing orange representing healing in the original pride flag. We use our past experiences and hardships to grow and flourish.
“This July it’ll be 10 years since we filmed season two, which is ridiculous. So I’m just proud to be a part of anything involving Drag Race because it was such a big, life defining moment for me.”


Bob The Drag Queen is wearing red representing life in the original Pride flag. “Life” has always held a multi-faceted meaning for Queers, especially in our vernacular.
“Seeing black people change the path of queer history, it means a lot to me. RuPaul’s essentially been at the forefront of the last two revolutions of drag…” –


Detox is wearing hot pink representing sex as well as the freedom & liberation of the body in the original #Pride flag. We own our bodies, and we speak for ourselves.
“It’s kind of always been my intent to be like ‘Fuck that. I want to be me and be very, very queer and very loud about it.’”

You can watch the videos and see the full campaign here.


Written by Aneal Joshua

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