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Mexican Dynasties Adan Allende’s Interview

Aneal & Adan chat the success of Mexican Dynasty, living with a famous dad and sibling rivalries. He discusses his previous marriage and the current state of his dating life. Adan also breaks down his view of magic and new music. Follow Adan @adanallende


Written by Aneal Joshua

Join Big Brother Canada cult-favourite, Aneal Joshua as he dissects the juiciest, most salacious stories weekly on THYRST. This newly engaged Husband To Be not only rocks a Masters in Leadership Development Degree but also sports some high-profile guest appearances on MTV Canada, ET Canada, and Fashion Television. With a love for pop culture , Aneal Joshua enjoys dissecting the juiciest, most salacious stories weekly on THYRST.

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RuPaul Drag Race – On Track To Winning S11


Best Reveals In Drag Race Herstory