natalie negrotti big brother the challenge 20040960
natalie negrotti big brother the challenge 20040960

Natalie Negrotti the new Queen of Reality TV.

Being cast on a show, being well-liked by fans and not being the doomed first boot is not an easy task. Previous Reality TV Queens include Snooki (MTV Jersey Shore, The Celebrity Apprentice & Dancing with the Stars) and Rachel Reiley (Big Brother 12, Big Brother 13 winner, The Amazing Race). We first met the new Queen of Reality TV, Natalie on Big Brother 18 where she finished 6th place proving she was more than just a beautiful bombshell. Between her showmance with “fan favourite” (I use that term likely, he’s an idiot) James Huling and putting misogynistic Paulie Calaiore in his place, Natalie delivered damn good TV. Many fans argue she had a shot at winning the whole thing if her rival Victor didn’t return to the house.

Post Big Brother Natalie went through a rather public break-up before being slated on The Challenge: Vendettas cast. The Challenge has a history of being a difficult show for “newbies:” to succeed in. Natalie proved viewers she was one to watch whens he paired up with Johnny Bananas. Natalie finished in 6th place again surprising viewers. Post show news spread of a rumoured romance between Negrotti and Bananas. After Natalie unfollowed Mr. Bananas on social media fans figured there would be no future baby Bananas between the two.

So one might argue, so what she’s a pretty girl who did well on two shows dominated by white people but Natalie shows no signs of slowing down. Fans are curious to see how Natalie does on the current season of The Challenge: Final Reckoning. Natalie has recently become an advocate for the LGBTQA community. Negrotti told US Weekly “It’s been a 28-year battle for me, I wanted to set a standard because you can’t do that. There are so many teenagers and kids that commit suicide every year because they get outed inappropriately. She took something that was mine and made it her own, and she did it really in a nasty way. Outing someone is not right and I want to set that standard … I wanted to come out in the right way, I wanted to turn it into something positive so that viewers that are going through the same thing that I’ve gone through don’t have to go through it for 28 years.”

Here’s hailing our new Queen of Reality TV, we’re out here rooting for you girl!

We discuss this further on the podcast as well as why Spencer Clawson and Neda have beef and discuss all the gossip happening in Bachelor Nation, the Pump Rules world and the Real Housewives. Topics include:

  • Fuck you/Fuck Me Colton from the Bachelorette
  • The Countess checks into rehab
  • The RHOC taglines
  • TOMTOM opening and what shocking photo is displayed at the bar
  • Big Meech VS James Huling

With co-host Anealand Neda



Written by Aneal Joshua

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