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RHOBH Cast Ranking – Pardon Our French

One thing was made clear 5 women can not carry an episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While the last 10 minutes were better than the rest of the season, not having Denise, Lisa & Camille really sucked. This show is really just not what it use to be…it’s bad!

Anyway let’s rank these 5 women.

#5 Kyle Richards

As the OG of gang Kyle really has been such a let down. With that Kyle shared a very powerful story about her eating disorder and we need stories like this to educate women. However, her and Teddi trying to tag team Erika into some nonsense was such a turn off. Out of all the OGs in the Housewives franchise, Kyle is a snoozefest.

#4 Teddi Mellencamp

I am not going to say anything rude but I will say this. Teddi is not a bad person, she is just a person who doesn’t belong on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

#3 Lisa Rinna

We need Rinna, she’s a sh*t stirring and brings some comedy. However, she has no sh*t to stir which is why we need new woman for Rinna to terrorize!

#2 Dorit

Love her or hate her Dorit has been an amazing addition to the show. From panty-gate, to drinking glasses and now her extreme vendetta against Camille Dorit has really held her own. I know her fashion lewks are polarizing but I live for her every-time she’s on the screen.

#1 Erika Jayne

I love when Erika just turns off like a Westworld robot. Listen, Erika hates these women, she likes to dress up and perform. I am excited to see that she makes the women very uncomfortable when she gets annoyed. I thought we should be done with Erika however this last episode she gave me a glimmer of hope.

Where does this show go from here? Who knows you can read our post The Death of RHOBH here

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