RHOBH Hurricane Camille Cast Ranking in GIFS

#8 – Erika Jayne

Erika was arguable one of the best new housewives to join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills however her lack of getting into the mess hasn’t really helped her in these past few seasons. I get this feeling that Erika does the show because it helped grow her music fanbase however she feels she’s above the show. The problem is you have to give reality TV fans what they want! You don’t get to waste our time on screen to sell your records. If you’re above the show, don’t film!

#7 – Kyle Richards

I do think that Kyle Richards took glory in taking down Lisa Vanderpump in order to be Queen Bee/the popular girl amongst the group. By doing this the season took the ultimate hit by losing Lisa Vanderpump.

#6 – Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump shared that she originally asked for the season off following the death of her brother. Now hearing that her mother has passed away and she’d be dragged through the mud with her friends my heart goes out her. This season she might not have delivered but in years’ past Lisa Vanderpump has been an all star housewife, I will miss her.

#5 – Denise Richards

Denise was a breath of fresh air this season however I do think it took her a while to warm up. It wasn’t until the finale that she really stepped up and got into the mix. I do think with another season Denise could bring a new life to Beverly Hills.

#4 – Teddi Mellencamp

Was Teddi tough to watch? Yes. I do have to say if it weren’t for Teddi this season would have nothing. I don’t know it’s something to be proud of but she kind of carried the season. From having the balls to rat out Lisa Vanderpump to just continuously being messy, she gave us something.

#3 – Dorit Kemsley

If I had it my way Dorit would be #1 on this list every week. From her lewks to her desperate attempts to start drama it is the perfect combination for a housewife in my opinion.

#2 – Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna is a grade A housewife. She really brought some comedy and one liners this season. She wasn’t as messy as she usually is because there was really no pot to stir. We need Lisa Rinna on this show, we just need to give her something to chew on…like Brandi & Kim!

#1 – Camille Grammer

Camille Grammar did NOT disappoint! It’s been years since we’ve seen Camille come fighting back with a vengeance. After being called the “America’s Most Hated Housewife”, Camille (rightfully) toned it down. This finale episode she really brought season 1 Camille back and I. WAS. LIVING.


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