RHOBH Recap Teddi Dorit Denise Halloween 529x353
RHOBH Recap Teddi Dorit Denise Halloween 529x353
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RHOBH Meet Rinna-Jayne S09E16 Cast Ranking

Kim Richards performs CPR to resurrect this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We have a pulse, it’s weak but this episode was definitely one of the better ones.

# 8 Lisa Vanderpump

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I love LVP but this episode proved the show can exist without her. I do wonder what her Halloween costume would have been. I would have love her to dress up as the editor-in-chief of Radar Online personally.

#7 - Teddi

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I think I am ready for Teddi to become a friend of the housewives….

#6 - Erika Jayne

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I feel like Erika is holding back. This costume was weak, she put more effort into her outfits in Tokyo and Berlin. Lisa Rianna was more Erika Jayne than Erika Jayne this episode.

# 5 - Camille Grammer

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I think Camille is really trying to save this season. She recently tweeted that Andy Cohen asked her to step it up dye to LVP absence. I can’t wait for the Dorit/Camille showdown!

# 4 - Dorit

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Dorit has really come into her own, I can’t picture this franchise without her. Sure her finances seem to be shakier than Raquel’s voice but she serves lewks! I also love that she could not wait to tear into Camille. Screw you Kyle for asking her to not do it at the Farrahween party.

# 3 - Kyle Richards

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Housewives get a negative rep for being vapid and soul-sucking however moments like Kyle and Rinna getting their mammogram remind us that these are real humans, and the world has real problems like women not getting their breast checked and dying from cancer. I am sure less than 50% of the women watching have done their mammogram this year. Also Mauricio has really been delivering comedic moments this season, bless that sexy man.

# 2 - Denise Richards

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Finally Denise gets into the mix. Sure she has been out of the loop with a lot of drama but I love that she stuck up for Rinna against the Richard sisters. If it were any other season, I feel like Denise would be a lot more vocal and stir some shit up.

# 1 - Lisa Rinna

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Lisa Rinna dressing up as Erika Jayne is ICONIC. The fact she kept on using her costume as a scapegoat for her c*nty remarks was giving me life. Rinna is messy, she drives the story alone which is why she’s this week’s Queen B!

Favourite Moment of the Episode

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Something really dawned on me watching Kim. Kim is the comedic relief we need on Beverly Hills, she’s the Porsha of RHOA, the Sonja of RHONY, the funny one! Her confessionals were pure gold and her true distain for Rinna is what we need! If Kyle comes back next season without Kim, I’m rioting.


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