190528 3962824 Next on RHOBH Brandi Glanville Is Back
190528 3962824 Next on RHOBH Brandi Glanville Is Back
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RHOBH “A Double Shot of Brandi” Cast Ranking

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is terrible. There I said. With that being said, I will continue watching until we have Kelly Dodd back on our screens. Here is what I am confused about. We are on episode 16 of Beverly Hills and NOTHING has happened. RHONY only got 15 episodes and every single episode was great. It should be mandatory for for all housewives to watch the past three seasons of New York before filming.

# 8 Lisa Vanderpump

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We will miss you LVP.

#7 - Teddi

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Was Teddi even in this episode?

#6 - Erika Jayne

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I understand Erika Girardi wanted to come to the party but we need Erika Jayne back. I am bored. I don’t think she should be fired I just think she needs to amp it up.

# 5 - Kyle Richards

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Guy we had a whole 8 minute segment of Kyle chasing her dogs and making calls to reserve a house in France. The fact that she’s pissed at Rinna for being rude to Kim but won’t say anything infuriates me. Do these women need a copy of their job description? YOU ARE FILMING A REALITY TV SHOW THAT THRIVES ON PETTY DRAMA! Kyle should only return to the show if Kim returns.

# 4 - Lisa Rinna

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Lisa Rinna is a clear star. Love her or hate her. I love that she is opening up about her struggling raising a daughter with an eating disorder. We also got such a glimpse into her family dynamic and it was dark, I loved it.

# 3 - Dorit

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I can’t believe I am saying this but I want Beverly Beach Athletic Wear! I’m happy to see Dorit having some success in her life. Also Jagger is the cutest fucking thing!

# 2 - Denise Richards

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Denise single handily saved The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season. From eating a two hand burger while the other women are eating grass. I also love her marriage and the way they communicates with her sexy ass husband. She is such a breathe of fresh air in this dumpster of the season. I also love that she shows up to lunch wearing chapstick while the other woman are in full glam/clown-face.

# 1 - Camille

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The fact that the #RHOBHMeanGirls have chosen Camille as their new target makes me love her even more. Camille’s scene with her new Didi was giving me RHOBH season 1 vibes and I WAS LIVING. I have prayed for Camille to be back and she isn’t disappointing me.

Favourite Moment of the Episode

giphy 14


Brandi completely came back and brought a new vibe to the show. She’s fresh, she’s funny and freakin’ hot mess. Her confessional lewk was fire! Her dynamic with Denise is something I would love to watch more of. GIVE HER A DIAMOND.


Written by Aneal Joshua

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