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RHONY S11E13 It’s Not You, It’s Miami Cast Ranking

When the Real Housewives of New York go on vacation, we are guaranteed a sh*tshow from start to finish. The whole episode could be these women selecting rooms and I’d be happily entertained. We got a cabaret rehearsal, a tree lighting and Miami Vice dinner all in one episode, we are truly blessed. Let’s dive in.

#7 - Barb The Builder  

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Poor Barb, she literally has not been able to secure her spot within this cast. It’s nice to see her around and she probably serves as a buffer with this crazy cast but the only buffer we need is Carole…THERE I SAID IT. I miss Carole.

#6 - TinsME

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I feel bad for Tinsley, she literally just gets dicked around by these ladies. “Go in the other car, get the Rosé, dump Scott”. Being told what to do has to be exhausting which is why Tinsley probably literally nothing to this Miami trip.

#5 - Lu  

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It’s tough with Lu…there’s such a cloud of darkness I feel bad dragging her. So let me say this without Lu’s delusions this season would be stale. I just wish there was more self-awareness with Lu where should could lean in this cabaret “star” energy instead of being consumed by it. It also must be hard to be sober and have Sonja wasted, screaming at her but I wish she would just listen instead of being defensive. Also, the jawsvani line was straight up cringeworthy.

#4 - Bethenny  

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Even showing up late and missing half of the antics, B gets right back in there. Her reactions to the sheer madness happening around her were making me LOL. Also her talking shit behind Lu’s back then walking to say it straight to her face made me respect her. She also looked so great in that blue bird dress.

#3 - Ramona  

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Ramona on vacation is like watching a Pokemon evolve into a bigger, badder, monstrous version of themselves. From the unpacking demands to not wanting to go out with Barbara this women is great TV. I also love that she only wanted to go out with Tinsley not Babz because they’re a higher chance of them picking up men.

#2 - Dorinda  

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Dorinda instructing the bartender on how to make pre-dress drink has to be one of the funniest moments of the episode. Can you imagine RHONY without her now? Also huge congrats to Ms. Medley who just landed her own radio show on Radio Andy!

#1- Sonja  

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Sonja has a superpower. The fact that she can get blasted but still be so articulate when arguing is a superpower I wish I had. Sure she collapsed on the floor and was made the staff (Tej) uncomfortable but that’s what vacation is for! From airing out her fart to screaming at Lu to get off her high horse, Sonja was grade A entertainment!

Favourite Moment of the Episode

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Written by Aneal Joshua

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