#RHOP Opening Old Wounds Cast Ranking in GIFS

This was a fairly tame episode but it really set the stage for the upcoming storylines. Looks like we're going to have: Candiace VS Monique, Monique VS Gizelle, Gizelle VS Karen and Ashley VS Everybody! We've have already gone through so much this season I realized they haven't gone on their international cast trip yet!

#7 – Karen Huger

Last Week's Rank: #2 
We only have one Karen Huger scene this week. We were ROBBED. 

#6 – Robyn Dixon

Last Week's Rank: #5
Robyn is such a great hype woman. She just sits back and hypes Gizelle's messiness. The Green-Eyed bandits are up there with iconic Housewives duo such as Sonja & Ramona, Nene & Cynthia, Vicki & Tamra. 

#5 – Katie Rost

Last Week's Rank: #3
The fact that Katie invited the women to a gala and had no idea what the gala was for is why Katie is the MVP. If you haven't heard, Katie also wasn't invited to attend the reunion so we have to enjoy the Katie moments while we have them. 

#4 – Candiace Dillard

Last Week's Rank: #6
She might be a brat but she's the baddest brat on the block. Candiace has consistently served LEWKS, while her hair and make up is always on point. I feel like Candiace is toning it down a bit and rightfully so, she was becoming hard to root for. But we're rooting for your sis! 

#3 – Ashley Darby

Last Week's Rank: #7
We all have issues but I have such respect for Ashley for really PUTTING IT ALL OUT THERE. Minus the creepy husband, Ashley is reminded me a lot of early days Kenya Moore. She's messy but she always opens up about real issues and this father story line is HEAVY.

#2 – Monique Samuels

Last Week's Rank: # 4
I thought this whole episode was going to be Monique giving birth but she pulled a STUNT henny. I was laughing so hard at Chris' reaction. I feel like Monique is going to be in the hot seat in the upcoming episodes for throwing Candiace under the bus and I can't wait to see how it plays out. 

#1 – Gizelle Bryant

Last Week's Rank: #1
Queen Gizelle stays at number one because in the wise words of Karen Huger "Gizelle being messy is a train that always arrives on time" 
Her throwing Monique under the bus and not giving a single f*ck is why Gizelle really is that baddest thing talking. Ugh and she's also so so pretty. 

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