#RHOP Good Will Hunting Cast Ranking in GIFS

We are starting to feel bad for Housewife fans who aren’t watching The Real Housewives of Potomac. The comedic moments, the shady remarks around a sexual assault allegation and the beauty these woman bring us is next level. Here is our weekly rank of the women.

#7 – Ashley Darby

Last Week's Rank: #6
The fact that Ashley was acting like nothing was wrong around the women at the hoedown and is now changing her tune saying no one checked in on her is frustrating. There is an obvious layer of darkness surrounding their marriage that I can't help but feel bad for Ashley. The crazy part about Ashley's storyline is that it ends with her getting pregnant with Michael's child. It crazy that this happy moment is polluted with all these allegations of her baby daddy's being gay.

#6 – Candiace Dillard

Last Week's Rank: #3
Let me be very clear. Candiace is my favourite on this franchise, she is just ranked low this week because she was barely in the episode. 

#5- Robyn Dixon

Last Week's Rank: #5
I love how Robyn is unfazed by anything and is always late...even to her own event. The fact that Robyn won't tell us who dick Michael said he would suck leaves me torn. One part of me is like "ah that's nice, she doesn't want to make anyone uncomfortable" and the other part of me is like "just tell us, you're on a reality TV show, BE MESSY"

#4 – Monique Samuels

Last Week's Rank: # 4
I love Monique but her throwing Candiace under the bus to Ashley was hard to watch. Let's not forget that Ashley was the one making claims that Monique was drunk when she got into her car accident. 

#3 – Katie Rost

Last Week's Rank: #7
Leave it up to Ms. Katie Rost to add another layer to the Michael Darby storyline. I literally gasped when Katie told the green-eyed bandits that Michael attempted to hook up with her boyfriend. I also love that Katie got engaged this week...but not to the man we've seen on screen. She keeps it moving and I love her for it. 

#2 – Karen Huger

Last Week's Rank: #1 
Karen brushing her feather dress in her confessional had me LOL-ing. She also gave us another moment with her giving the clown the finger. Karen brings the same level of comedy that Sonja brings to the Real Housewives of New York. Also the fact that one of her close friends is Macy Gray, DEAD! We stan Queen Huger. 

#1 – Gizelle Bryant

Last Week's Rank: # 2
The fact that Gizelle took the time to pop a bag of popcorn to watch Ashley and Michael's FOX interview had me rolling on the floor. Gizelle could probably keep up with the greats, I'm talking Nene, Bethenny, Lisa Vanderpump. She understands her role as a housewife and delivers. We are so blessed to have her. 

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