RHOP Hoedown Cast Ranking in GIFS

Wow wow wow...The Real Housewives of Potomac is delivering on all levels. Comedy. Drama. Editing. Shade. One liners. Looks. It's such a great time to be a Real Housewives fan. With our regular favourites like RHOBH being a royal disappointment, I am so happy to see the ladies of Potomac rise up and DELIVER. 
The perfect Real Housewives combination is when petty drama meets real life drama. This Michael Darby case is very reminiscent of Teresa's legal drama on early Jersey seasons.  Let's dive into this weeks ranking

# 7 – Gizelle Bryant

Last Weeks Rank: # 5
Gizelle who is arguable the Queen B of Potomac (The LVP, The Bethenny, The Vicki, The Teresa) has taken a back seat. This isn't necessarily as bad thing, it just means she is in an all-star cast who BROUGHT it this episode. 

# 6 – Robyn Dixon

Last Weeks Rank: #7
Every cast needs a member who just watches drama unfold is like "WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING" This was Robyn this episode. Her reactions to the 4 fights that broke out during the Hoedown had be LOL-ing. Also, she is so fucking pretty it hurts. 

# 5 – Katie Rost

Last Weeks Rank: #1 
Let me start by saying it is absolutely CRIMINAL we don't get Katie Rost confessionals. Between her wig and looking like Velma from Scooby Doo I feel like her confessionals would be GOLD. Her hoedown event also was a complete success in terms of bringing the drama. I wonder if her miscarriage drama  is the reason why we aren't getting the full Katie experience. I also wonder if this will end up being a storyline this season. 

# 4 – Ashley Darby

Last Weeks Rank: #4 
Oh Ashley. My heart kind of breaks for her but then seeing all her messiness unfold in the flashbacks made me realize this is karma hitting her hard. She's handling the "alleged" accusations with grace I will say. Being the youngest housewife of all time, Ashley has a self-awareness that is refreshing. 

# 3 – Monique Samuels

Last Weeks Rank: #6 
I was nervous Monique wasn't going to be giving us much since she's pregnant and seems like she's in a different headspace (rightfully so). I do miss her shade towards the green-eyed bandits and umbrella choking ways but MONIQUE IS BACK. Her threatening to drag Candiace pregnant and all had be stanning Monique again. I do Monique has a love for Candiace and really took her under her wing so her hurt makes sense. 

# 2 – Karen Huger

Last Weeks Rank: # 2 
CLANKITY CLANK THE BAR OF SOAP...YOU BETTER HELP YOUR HUSBAND. Karen ripping Ashley to shreds after Ashley came for her last season was a riveting piece of television. I feel like Karen is really under appreciated in the Potomac franchise. Her shade and authenticity is A+. I also love seeing Karen having more fun after the death of her parents. I am also here for seeing Karen and Ray go on a date every episode. 

# 1 – Candiace Dillard

Last Weeks Rank: # 3 
Candiace Dillard is officially in my top 10 favourites housewives. SUE ME. She is so great for the show. Between her lewks, her mother, and her lack of self awareness she is REALITY TV GOLD. I like that Candiace is able to hold her own with these women being a newbie to the cast. Every piece of drama this season has Candy stirring it up and for that reason I STAN! 

Final Thoughts

I am so excited for Candiace's mother to be back next season. I have never seen such a monster human steamroll through a season. 3
I also think that Ashley and Candiace will have the seats next to Andy which will make for a great reunion. If you aren't following Candiace on Twitter, I highly recommend going through her tweets. She is reckless and turning on all her cast mates. 
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Written by Aneal Joshua

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