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RHOP The Wig Easy S04E04 Cast Ranking

The Real Housewives of Potomac have made the playoffs of Housewives. Gizelle and Karen are grade A housewives who frenemy relationships make Kyle and LVP feel tired and old. The younger cast members Ashley and Candice are messy, they give me everything I wanted from Eva & Shamari. If you’re not watching, this episode is the perfect way to dive in It’s the first cast trip and these women are bringing the drama.

#7 - Ashley

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I am going to leave Ashley alone this week because I know in the upcoming weeks the ladies are going to rip her to shreds. And now she is with child, and lawd I do not want to drag a pregnant woman on the internet.

#6 - Gizelle

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Gizelle is a Grade A housewife. She easily is the prettiest housewife across all the cities but I have a bone to pick with this beauty. Her and Karen have recently made up but that sure didn’t last long. At the end of the episode Gizelle came for Karen again, like sis you couldn’t give the poor woman a day before you jab her again? I say this because I wanted these two to have fun this trip and shade the other women together instead of shading each other.

#5 - Monique  

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This might be an unpopular opinion but I wish pregnant housewives would take a season off. I get second-hand stress watching them, especially on cast trips. Only because I feel like it’s a lot for them to keep up & no one wants to fight with the pregnant woman on national television. I love Monique, I just feel we’re not getting 100% of Monique.

#4 - Karen  

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Watching Karen struggle with the death of her parents was hard last year. This season she seems to be in a better place. She is the queen of reads. My favourite line thus far is “I am going to sue Ashley for her restaurant and give it to her mother”. Her trying the alligator (GIF above) is me trying my own cooking.

#3 - Robyn  

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Robyn feels so light this season, it’s refreshing. I also appreciate her bringing the Michael storyline to focus. Robyn doesn’t seem stuck up Gizelle’s ass this season so I feel she is going to bring it. I also related to her on a spiritual level when she arrived with 2 minutes to spare to their flight to New Orleans.

#2 - Katie  

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Katie is back and in rare form! I am curious to know why she isn’t a full-time housewife but she is definitely adding to this season. There is a cloud of darkness and delusional that swarms around her and I can’t wait to see it play out this season. I am also curious if her miscarriage Instagram post will be a story line.

#1- Candiace  

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I was on the fence with Candiace last season. The spoiled princess story line and wedding was a bit much for me. Now that the wedding is behind us, I am so here for Candice. Her confessionals, her reactions and her lewks are TOP SHELF. With a cast include Gizelle and Karen this newbie has secured her spot.

This season is shaping up! With The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills being so boring the ladies of Potomac are a much welcomed distraction.

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