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RHOP “Crucify The Darbys” Ranking

The Real Housewives of Potomac take a stroll down history lane and take shots of Jack Honey in the latest episode. Their visit to the plantation was really emotional and was far more impactful than when the Real Housewives of Atlanta visited a plantation. Remember when Porsha asked who conducted the train on the underground railroad? Anyway, a decent episode. I just have a problem when production puts “To Be Continued” at the end of the episode when the fight wasn’t epic…this fight actually fell flat mostly because Candiace doesn’t want to bring up Michael partaking in penis.

#7 - Karen


I feel for Karen and I know it can’t be easy to deal with what she’s dealing with BUT GURL YOU ARE IN NEW ORLEANS ON A GIRLS TRIP FOR A REALITY TV SHOW. Get out of bed, tighten your braids and GO OUT AND HAVE FUN! It’s made me mad that she sat in bed on IG live when she could have gone out for at least 2 hours.. I also feel like we were robbed of her shading Ashley’s outfit.

#6 - Robyn Dixon

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Where was Robyn this episode? Is Robyn’s only story line that she’s late…YAWN..

#5 - Monique  

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I am so happy for Monique and her family, I just miss when she was threatening bitches with umbrellas and bringing shady ex-wives around.

#4 - Ashley  

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Ashley is looking really great this season, she is bringing the LEWKS! I will say I miss messy Ashley. Pot stirrers (Lisa Rinna) usually need to lay low for a season so the cast doesn’t completely exile them. I am curious to see how Ashley handles all the upcoming drama though! The women are going to terrorize her.

#3 - Candiace  

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Candiace is really driving the story this season, between that horrid mother the Michael partaking in penis allegations. My problem with Candiace is she’s holding back. If you’re going to be the messy queen, BE THE MESSY QUEEN. Candiace needs to watch Kenya Moore and taking notes.

Ashey – “You don’t think I want to have a baby?, Candiace should have responded with “BECAUSE YOUR MAN WANTS TO PARTAKE IN DICK”

#2 - Gizelle  

giphy 7

Seeing Gizelle’s learn about her history was really moving. This was the perfect balance of fun and substance in an episode. Gizelle’s dad shading Karen also showed like Monique said “the apple does not fall far from the tree” I love that Gizelle also is wearing a pink wig and is ready to turn up with the ladies.

#1- Katie  

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Katie gets the number 1 spot because she was the only one willing to pull her tits out on a girls trip to New Orleans…MVP! Oh and I DEMAND TO KNOW WHY KATIE ROST IS NOT A FULL-TIME HOUSEWIFE!

The season was looking really strong but I hope they pick up the pace and we dive right into the sexual allegations against Michael and Monique birth. It feels a little slow the past two episodes.

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