190531 3965095 ashley darby tells candiace dillard to stop
190531 3965095 ashley darby tells candiace dillard to stop
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RHOP “The Second Line” Ranking

The Real Housewives of Potomac does what the Real Housewives of D.C. failed to do. Seeing Gizelle with the Clintons and Candiace with Obama brought that political vibe that hasn’t been fully explored in the Housewives world. The lunch with the Mayor of New Orleans and then Ashley & Katie dancing with titty tassels is the perfect balance for me.

#7 - Robyn

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Robyn was on screen for 3.4 seconds? I don’t want to see her flip houses and be late. Maybe she should just be a friend of?

#6 - Ashley

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WHY ISN’T ASHLEY BEING MESSY! I love messy Ashley because it adds so much to the show. There’s obviously some underlying issues she’s dealing with in her personal life so maybe that’s why she seems off.

#5 - Monique  

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I’ve said this once, I’ll say it again. Pregnant women should not be on reality TV especially when it comes to Housewives. I think they should make appearances and get a contract to return the following season. I say this because they don’t bring a lot of drama, she’s not going to choke someone out with an umbrella pregnant. I also think the social media hate gets really ugly. I live for Monique, she’s one of my favourite on the cast but I would trade her spot for Katie in a heartbeat.

#4 - Gizelle  

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Gizelle has a mean girl vibe this season and I have to say I am here for it. Her picking on Karen while she is “grieving” is not a good look and the fact that she doesn’t see it makes for some great TV. I am curious to see if she realizes how awful she looks and apologies to Karen…for real for real.

I also have to have to say hearing about Gizelle’s political past made me respect her a lot more.

#3 - Candiace  

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Candiace is slowly becoming a mini Gizelle and I live. While she is much more aggressive than Gizelle she brings a fun fresh energy.

#2 - Katie  

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Karen is back! The way she snapped at Gizelle reminded us all who the Grand Dame is. I will say this, I am over her blonde braids. I hope Karen can bust out some new wigs and serves these ladies some lewks!

#1- Katie  

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Katie provides such comedic relief and it’s really a tragedy that she doesn’t get confessionals. I honestly wish they would get her into front a green screen and edit confessionals into the upcoming episodes.

The season was looking really strong but I hope they pick up the pace and we dive right into the sexual allegations against Michael and Monique birth. It feels a little slow the past two episodes.

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