RHOP Gay Pride & Butter-knifes Cast Ranking in GIFS

Well well well…the casual homophobic storyline has hit our screens and I am disgusted to say it’s making for great TV.

# 7 – Robyn

Robyn is ranked last because…look at that wig.

# 6 – Monique

I can’t wait for Monique to give birth and umbrella Monique is back.

# 5 – Gizelle

There’s something really weird going on with Gizelle. Her continuously coming for Karen after her parents died and now forcing Robyn to bring up the Michael sausage sucking situation. It’s clear this Sherman thing has rattled her and she’s finding comfort in creating drama.

# 4 – Ashley Darby

Poor Ashley. There is a rumour that her husband is gay and then a sexual assault case surfaces. Oh and it gets more complicated because she gets pregnant and has to watch it all unfold for the world to judge. It has to be tough…but not as tough as watching that Pride performance.

# 3 – Candiace Dillard

Say what you want about Candiace being messy but you have to agree she is providing GREAT TV. She is obviously dealing with that terrorist of a mother which is causing her to act reckless with her friends. I also can’t wait for next week where she screams at a pregnant woman to DRAG HER. We stan Candy.

# 2 – Karen Hugar

Karen’s reactions throughout this whole blow out had me on the floor. She is the gift that keeps on giving. A great housewife contributes to a scene even when they are not the focus of the fight.

# 1 – Katie Rost

Did anyone notice that it was Katie who told Ashley to come back into Candiace’s house (the first time)? Also Katie questioning Ashley in the car.

  • Well is he gay?
  • So does he hook up with men?
  • Are you sure it’s not an Australian thing?

I am still confused why we don’t have confessionals? Friends of the Housewives Tanya, Camille and Barbara all got confessionals this year. I feel robbed.

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