RHONY S11E11 Cast Ranking

When it comes to ranking the RHONY cast it really is difficult because this is the A-Team of Real Housewives cast. They individually bring so much to the plate and what they bring to our screens is an art form. 

#7 - Barb The Builder  

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I am so confused with what Barb brings to the table. It was rumoured that she was a full time housewife and this week I understood why she didn’t get an apple. I think it’s because she doesn’t bring a lot to table sadly. The dinner with Luanna & Sonja, she was basically non-existent while Sonja downloaded Lu on the 911 that the other women weren’t happy with her.

#6 - Tinsley  

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We’ve seen Tinsley come into her own this season but besides getting excited for the drinking game, she didn’t have a shining moment this season..

#5 - Dorinda  

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Besides doing her Beauty & the Beast morning errands in her new hood and subtly shading Luann’s new house, this wasn’t Dorinda’s best episode. I do love that she turned the concept of the cabaret drinking game into a cabaret strip contest.

#4 - Sonja  

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I could watch Sonja drive around alone with her dog all day. What I appreciate about Sonja is she is a housewife all-star in the sense that she keeps the story moving.. Her filling in Lu that the woman aren’t happy with her before their arrival set the stage beautiful. This is a woman that takes her job seriously..

#3 - Bethenny  

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Let me just say if my fiance proposed to me and died due to a drug overdose, I wouldn’t be able to even leave the house. I commend B on not only getting out of the house and moving on with her life but giving us LEWKS. She is looking great. I also appreciate her patience with Ramona and for not gutting Luann like a fish upon arrival.

#2 - Ramona  

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Whatever medication Ramona is on that birthed this new personality, I want the prescription! Her trying to tell Bethenny she was upset she chose to go to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show instead of her charity event was so ridiculous.

#1- Luann  

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Remember the days when Luann was just a friend of the housewives? Wow how the delusions have grown. There is a bit of a darkness because Luann is so deep rooted in her delusions but it makes for such electric television. You would think a public divorce, assaulting a police officer an arrest would humble a human but this inflated her ego to TV gold status.


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