Bravo’s Halloween Happy Hour with Real Housewives

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Bravo hosted a Halloween Happy Hour with the Real Housewives and chileeeee they spilt some major tea. Here is my spark notes:

Shannon weighed in on the Tres Amigas & said she feels really sorry for them not being apart of the show anymore however their continuous lies on social media needs to stop. Her phone also went off twice and she said she didn’t know how to turn it off cause she’s low tech.

Jackie spilled major tea about the next season of #RHONJ She said the feud between her and Teresa is so ugly that she opted out of filming some group events which killed her because she’s a type A personality and believes in showing up…that’s how bad it got.

Icon Dylan Hafer asked who Ashley and Gizelle are the least excited to see and I was shocked when Gizelle didn’t say Monique. Gizelle said she is least excited to see Karen. Ashley said she is least excited to see “Candy Ass” (Candiace) #RHOP

When asked who their favourite person they connected with at BravoCon they said:
Gizelle – Kate Chastain
Ashley – Fredrick
Jackie – Reza
Tom Swartz – Reza
Tom Sandoval – Reza
Shannon – The Southern Charm Boys

When asked who their least favourite Bravolebrity was Gizelle and Shannon both said Ramona. Ashley said Vicki was rude during their Housewives to Housewives filming however they made up. This is the video:

The Salt Lake City women were such a delight. Meredith isn’t a Housewife fan however Whitney and Mary have watched before. Whitney is a self proclaimed Bravoholic, so I have to stan her now. They all said Jen is messiest Housewife on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Meredith was such a stone cold ice queen during the whole thing which made me more obsessed with her…Erika Jayne could never. She also not a Real Housewives fans, so we all probably looked like lunatics geeking and asking crazy questions.

The Housewives were asked if they could join another city or Bravo show what show would they join and they answered the following.
Jackie – RHONY
Shannon – Below Deck Med, RHONY
Mary Cosby – Not moving from RHOSLC
Ashley Darby – Below Deck
Stephanie – Real Housewives of Orange County
Meredith – RHONY
Whitney – RHOC, RHOP or RHONY

Stephanie said this upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Dallas is the most fun she had filming. Said the new Housewife is a great addition and is very dynamic. There will also be a new “Friend Of” who is a fun addition.

You need to get a bottle of wine or 5 and pull up to the next @BravoTV Happy Hour! The Housewives were so open and answered all our questions. There was so much more that was discussed that gave me so much life. The costumes and the shade thrown saved Halloween.

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