John Sessa Leaks Emails to Defend Lisa’s Role in “Puppy Gate”

Oh gurl, I wish I could say this is getting juicy but it’s getting really old and tired.

John Sessa responds to Kyle Richards accusation that Lisa Vanderpump set up a scene to expose the Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy (Puppy Gate) following part 2 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

After Kyle’s social media rant and claiming Lisa was a part of a Vanderpump Dogs set up, Sessa took to Twitter to fire back at the Beverly Hills OG.

One of the tweets shared an email from the shelter where Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy was dropped off. Another tweet shared email exchanged with RHOBH production.

John told Kyle to stop twisting the story and creating her own narrative.

In a second tweet, John responded to another post Kyle shared in which she suggested that Dorit may have chosen to re-home her dog, rather than return her, to avoid paying the 5 thousand return fee.

“Dorit made a mistake. She should have turned the dog back into Vanderpump Dogs. There is no disputing that. Maybe it was the $5,000 return policy that made Dorit think finding a good home for Lucy on her own was a better choice,” she suspected.

But according to John, there wasn’t a $5,000 return fee. Instead, there was a $5,000 penalty for those who fail to return animals to the center.

Here are the emails so you can make your own judgement. Team Vanderpump Dogs or Team Kyle Richards?


Written by Aneal Joshua

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