Kim Zolciak & Brielle Biermann Lie About Getting Kicked Off Delta Flight – Delta responds

Kim Zolciak-Biermann and daughter Brielle are have accused Delta Airlines of kicking their family off a flight.

This past weekend Kim and Brielle took to Twitter dragging Delta Airlines. All the tweets have now been deleted.

On July 20, Brielle tweeted “If I f*cking miss my flight home i swear to God” before blasting the airline in one post claiming that the problem started when her dad, Kroy Biermann, was held up at security with the family’s service dog.

“Tommy at gate 27 delta LAX just kicked my WHOLE FAMILY OFF the flight to ATL bc we were waiting on my dad with our service dog to finish going thru security & kJ & kash started crying bc they thought we left him and Kaia was literally S—-ING AND HE KICKED US OFF!!!!! WTF,” Brielle wrote in a since deleted tweet captured by a screenshot.

However, Delta Airlines told PEOPLE in a statement that, “Mrs. Zolciak Biermann and family elected to deplane their flight after her husband remained behind to provide proper paperwork for an emotional support animal.”

What are your thoughts on these monsters?


Written by Aneal Joshua

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